6 thoughts on “Welcome to Steel Guitar Cafe…. Lets hear from you!

  • RMerino

    Hey Kevin!

    Great job on the steel guitar lick collection! I’m a relative newbie to the instrument but have 40 years experience as a musician. I’ve already gigged on the steel and I was looking for more tricks for my bag. I appreciate that you included only what was need to play the licks, as I do not need more info than that. I wish you success in your endeavors and look forward to seeing and hearing more from you.

    • Kevin Post author

      Rick.. thanks so much. You are exactly the steel player I wrote this for thanks.. If you could post something positive on the steel guitar forum, I would really appreciate it. It’s hard to get this up and running without a few nice comments…

  • Ed Johnson

    Kevin,you still are my hero..thanks for all you did for me in 1980…no better bros.than Kevin and Bob Ryan.All the best to ya.Eddie of Repeat offenders

  • Kevin Post author

    Thanks Eddie…. All the best you, Bobby and your families this year…. Keep on rocking broth!!

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