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BRAND NEW!! 101 Hot and Sassy Steel Licks … PART TWO … $40

Finally…. I finished …”101 Hot and Sassy Steel Licks … PART TWO!!!”  It’s been along time coming. I originally did 101 Hot and Sassy in 1997 and it really is a great addition of licks for steelers to add to their own steel guitar vocabulary. I have listened to all the examples I played back then and they are all really inside, tasty examples.. Very challenging though. I think part one is an amazing collection of licks that someone can grab one here and there and really spice up their playing. I am very proud of that collection and from the feedback I have gotten, It has helped many, many players.. Thanks for all the great comments in the past!


With that being said, I knew part 2 had to be equally as good and I set off to come up with the stuff I play that really sparkles and makes me sound different. My goal is a simple one…. To give you groups of notes that are melodic in nature, not scale patterns, but are tasty morsels that you can easily add to your own, already rehearsed licks… I want to open up the top of your guitar. For example, if you are playing at a moderate tempo in the key of G at your 10th fret, grab phrase example 5 down below to change it up a bit. That phrase that I have been using for years will work in the key of G….D……A……Em and more!

Some of the phrases will be difficult to play, but stick with at and YOU WILL GET IT… That’s how I learned. I am a real student of this instrument and when I hear something from the greats, I stop and try to learn it. That’s how we get inside. With all the digital tools now a days… It’s so fun.. I remember putting my thumb down on 33 speed albums to slow stuff down…! Not any more.

101 Hot an Sassy Steel Licks PART TWO is now available for purchase and immediate download...

Once again, I have included some very cool stuff for fun…. Many advanced phrases, Knuckle busters, Ballad ideas that I use, Pop sounds, minor playing, the intro to “Josie” by Steely Dan and the famous Mike Johnson ending lick that I love, Take the A train head.. Banjo-forward roll phrases, open string licks, 1-4 fills that work really tastefully.. So much available for you in 101 Hot and Sassy Steel Licks … PART TWO .. NO CLIQUES!   NO Standard stuff…. We all know that stuff.  There is So  Much included …… that I’m not sure how to come up with a description… This Kills!      That works…….

101 Hot and Sassy Steel Licks … PART TWO
I have always felt that if I bought some lesson material and I am able to get 1 thing out of it that I can incorporate immediately that night that improves my experience as a player… It is WORTH IT. I 
guarantee that you will get a lot out of this, and will enhance your journey as a steel guitarist. The lifeblood as a pedal steel player is…WOODSHEDDING…. then of course taking some of that we learned to the stages or events that you play…. That’s how we improve… Here’s the deal

I have included a few examples below for fun from 101 Hot and Sassy Steel Licks … PART TWO… Example 1&2 are from a solo I did for the Roosters in a rendition of “MuleSkinner Blues” This is the take off that I came up with. I am going to at some point tab the entire solo for us… Example 3&4 is also played together and is a good example of the Franklin change except using it with split pedals…. Example 5 is a good example of the other 100 licks that are available….. Have fun.







I produced this instruction back in 1995 and it is as valid today as it was in 95. This course was designed to challenge steel guitarists, new and old, with some real difficult passages and tastful playing.

I am a big believer in learning 5-6 note phrases all over the neck. I feels that armed with this kind of top of the guitar knowledge or vocabulary, you will not get lost. 101 Hot and Sassy Steel Licks… PART ONE  helps you as a player increase your steel guitar vocabulary and helps make you a more confident player.

This  download is a no-nonsense,  instructional aid that will help you right now. There is no songs or long phrases to learn, just stuff that you can add to what you already know. See the FREE Steel Guitar Tab examples below. There is another 96 just like it in the book..Hear it for your self…. This is really designed for intermediate to advanced players… You new folks can give it a shot. You really can’t go wrong for $25….

101 Hot an Sassy Steel Licks PART ONE isavailable for purchase and immediate download...


                                                            YOU REALLY CAN’T GO WRONG HERE. FOR $30, $40 or even better, both for $50