Tab and Vid 2

Tears in Heaven

This song is a really special song for me in so many ways. Of course Eric Clapton wrote and performed it, a huge influence for both myself and my brother Bob. JayDee Maness played steel on the cut with Eric and probably had even more of an impact on my playing and probably even much more as a musical mentor personally. I had the privilege along with my friend Jim Palenscar to produce 2 instructional videos featuring great JD and he talks about this session in the videos. I can listen to this song over and over again, it just gets me. JD’s version of this just knocks me out and here is my take… Thanks for listening….

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The next couple of videos are from playing live in southern California and playing some good old country music with the fabulous Rick Robledo… The great Rick Dunham on bass and his extremely talented and much sought after session player wife… Candy Girard on fiddle.  Video Quality is not great but the sound is pretty darn good.. Love the sound of that Emmons guitar!

This next video is from a show on Catalina Island called “The Cosmic Journey” I try to play Ed Blacks solo note for note from Linda Ronstadt’s hit… Silver threads and Golden Needles… I miss a couple. Thats the great Jim Soldi on guitar.



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kevin in phoenix2Here is a version of Clapton’s… Wonderful Tonight I did at the Phoenix Steel Guitar Show ……. Just Audio




















I’m not sure how I am going to do this but I would love a place where you can upload tab and videos of your stuff… Might be a lot of fun.. We will see…… I have to figure it out.

I need to write a plugin or find one for inserting media into the blogs.. That would allow people to also comment on everybody’s stuff too.

The following solo is a solo I did for Billie Joe and the Roosters last year. The record never got released but I got to play 6 or 7 really cool solos….
I am going to post and tab these solos if you are even interested. It was a really fun band to play with and I hope Billy gets back up on this horse again!

I have some live Rooster video which I will post also. It was a smoking band for the most part, Died on the vine!!



Check it out by clicking the media player below… hope you like it, leave me a comment… Thanks a bunch!
If this is helpful in any way, I will tab out the other 6 or 7 solo’s I did on that album

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Here’s another Roosters tune I did… If you want me to tab all the steel …I will… Please leave a comment


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    Hey Kevin, I especially enjoyed your take on JD and Eric's Tears in Heaven, very creative and smooth. I also enjoyed your live band pickin. I am planning on making it to the Southwest Steel show, but will get there too late for your class on steel, You ma

    Sorry I did this all wrong, it’s